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Inside the book

The book is divided into 8 sections. The first 5 sections (sections A to E) serve as an introduction to the Twenty Proposed Daily Routes as described in Section F.

The Twenty Proposed Daily Routes are illustrated with photos taken at the waypoints under discussion as the route progresses through the day; the waypoints being places of interest encountered along the way. These may be waterholes, picnic sites, camps, dams, lookout and viewpoints or parts of a road.

The daily routes also include interesting snippets about animals, plants, trees and other little things I consider interesting about the day's route.

At the end of each day's route, I included a list of waypoints and turning points, with coordinates in sequence, so that you may be able to see where each of these points are on Google Earth or electronic map programs like Mapsource. This list will be useful as a single page that can be printed and taken along on the ride, indicating not only the waypoints, but also the turning points. In fact, any page of interest to you can be printed on A4 pages to be taken along on the day's trip (also to be used for notes on animals and other interesting things seen along the route).

Please note that the routes were not created with the intent to be followed exactly, but is merely an attempt to illustrate almost all the roads in the Park. I hope it will also serve to show that the Kruger Park can also be a place that can be toured, rather than just visited for a short period of time. I feel that one can really only decide where you want to go in the Park after you have been to all the places the Park offers, but knowing that few people ever will be able to tour the Kruger Park from end to end, this book may be assist you in deciding which parts, camps and routes you may want to visit.

Part G offers a shorter 11-day route which leaves out many beautiful spots, yet includes the best spots, which I would suggest if you have less time on hand. You may differ with my choices but, in the end, you will have a great experience should you follow any of the 20- or 11-day options.

For those who may never experience the wonders of the Kruger National Park, I want to tell them never to give up the thought of visiting this wonderful place. They can read this book and take virtual trips through the Park - part of the benefits of having an ebook, is that photos and text can be enlarged on the screen. Another is the fact that one may search through the book electronically for any word or part of a sentence.

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Example Pages from the eBook

example-day 20

example-day 20

example-day 20